Project Overview
NFT/Web3 Project Development, Branding, Game UI/UX Design, AI Generative Art, Social Media, Discord Moderation, Motion Graphics, Web Design, and more.
Skills Applied
Web3, Dall•E 2, WordPress, HTML, CSS, Adobe CC, Discord

01. The Challenge

> CastleFight—a web3/NFT project—got in touch with us expressing the vision of creating a collection of 10,000 unique NFT art pieces that acted as pieces to an interactive NFT/Web3 game. There goals were:

  • Create 10,000 unique images of characters, swords, and shields maintaining a retro-style set of art with a modern twist.
  • Ensure striking motion graphics to showcase the art and game on social media and their website.
  • Design a simple UI/UX for the Web3 game wherein collectors compete against others for rewards and bragging rights.
  • Develop a Discord server suitable for managing a growing community; with a medieval theme.

Challenge accepted.

02. The Approach

> Excited, we dove right in and by developing an eye-catching, burning .gif logo, brainstormed ideas leading to the inclusion of a fire dragon into motion graphics, and explored a great variety of styles and approaches via artificial intelligence image generation before moving forward with the final art production and high-fidelity UI/UX prototyping.

03. The Outcome

> CastleFight stands out on every front, from fiery motion graphics to nostalgic pixelized NFT art, and an exciting game platform that we hope to see come to life in the future. 

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CastleFight Generative NFT Art
CastleFight Gif
CastleFight Game Interface
CastleFight Game Interface
CastleFight Game Interface
CastleFight Game Interface
CastleFight Game Interface