Adventure Lab
Project Overview
Logo Design
Skills Applied
Adobe CC
Adventure Lab Logo

01. The Challenge

> Adventure Lab—a video game company making VR escape rooms with a live game master—commissioned pxlpear to design their “mark” which was to become the basis of their brand representation. The main goals of the design was to create a graphic that:

  • Is Clean, Modern, and Simple
  • Has a Double Meaning
  • Evoked Adventure
  • Evoked Fun

Challenge accepted.

02. The Approach

> Discussion and brainstorms with Adventure Lab resulted in the mutual agreement that potential symbols were a mountain, trail, compass, northern star, or paper airplane and the presentation should be elegant, minimal, and capture the concepts of a journey or quest.

03. The Outcome

> Adventure Lab was excited when pxlpear revealed that we had captured the essence of their vision in a double meaning mark that could be interpreted as a paper airplane or a mountain in a minimal and elegant manner.