Project Overview
Logo Design
Skills Applied
Adobe CC

01. The Challenge

> Paytriots—a payment processing company—hired pxlpear to design their logo which was to become the center of their branding. The main goals of the design was to create a graphic that:

  • Included the colors red, white, and blue
  • Evoked patriotism
  • Contained an eagle and a star
  • Was simple, powerful, and memorable

Challenge accepted.

02. The Approach


Brainstorming with the Paytriots team lead to the desire to include an eagle, star, and a form of a nod to payment processing. After a number of iterations, we decided to simply things by combining the eagle and star into one mark.

03. The Outcome

>The final outcome speaks for itself, a powerfully simple logo that evokes patriotism and payments.